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  • The Zeroº Collar should be stored at room temperature and in a dry environment.

  • Remove the Zeroº Collar from the package.

  • Lay the Zeroº Collar flat on the ground or other hard surfaces with labeled side up.

  • With a closed fist, gently strike the Zeroº Collar at the 4 indicated spots top break open the water pouches and activate the cooling process.  If a water pouch does not break open, strike it again slightly harder.  Use of excessive force may cause the collar to leak.

  • Vigorously shake for 10 seconds to activate cooling.

  • Ensure that all 4 compartments are getting cold before applying the Zeroº Collar.

  •  Zeroº Collar is designed to be placed on neck with the two ends meeting at the front of the neck.  A 1.5″ gap between ends is acceptable.

  • The down arrow should be placed at the back of the neck.

  • Secure the Zeroº Collar snugly around the neck  with the included velcro strap.  Do not position the Zeroº Collar over the mouth or nose

  • Always monitor the patient after application of the collar to ensure that:

    1. The cold is not causing damage (frostbite or ice burn)

    2. Zeroº Collar is not too tight that it impairs breathing

    3. Zeroº Collar is not too tight to that it affects normal blood flow

  • Discontinue use if you develop an adverse reaction to the application of the Zeroº Collar.

  • Consult a physician if symptoms worsen or persist.

  • The Zeroº Collar is a single use device.  After use dispose of with household waste.


  • Activate the ZEROº Collar and check to make sure all compartments become cold. 

  • Do not use a shoe, hammer, or board or other tool to strike the ZEROº Collar.  Excessive force may cause leaks in the external pouch. If a leak occurs, discard the device immediately.

  • Do not attempt to activate the collar if it is already around a patients neck.

  • Always monitor the patient after placement of the ZEROº Collar to ensure that:

    1. The cold is not causing damage such as frostbite or ice burn.

    2. The ZEROº Collar is not too tight (that it affects normal blood circulation).

  • Store at room temperature prior to use. Allowable storage range is -18 to 50 degrees C  (0-120 degrees F).

  • The ZEROº Collar should be between 10 and 27 degrees C (50-80 degrees F) prior to activating

  • Do not refrigerate or freeze prior to use.

  • The ZEROº Collar is a single use device. Do not re-use. Do not simultaneously apply more than one collar to a patient.

  • The patient side (unlabeled side) of the Zeroº Collar should be dry and applied to dry skin.  If the device or neck is wet prior to application, rapid cooling may cause damage to skin.

  • CAUTION: To avoid skin or tissue damage a maximum safe period for application of 60 minutes is recommended.

  • The most effective duration of application of the ZEROº Collar appears to be 20 to 30 minutes or until the collar no longer provides significant cooling.

  • The ZEROº Collar should not be used without direct supervision of anyone who is mentally impaired or incapacitated.

  • The ZEROº Collar should not be used on infants.

  • Do not use the ZEROº Collar if it is leaking, torn, damaged, or punctured.

  • For external use only . Seek medical attention in case of an accidental exposure to the contents of the ZEROº Collar. In the event of contact with pack contents, wash affected area with soap and water.

  • If contents are ingested, consult a physician.

  • Keep away from open flame, harsh chemicals, or solvents.

  • All directions are considered guidelines and not an attempt to define medical practice.


See below some of the latest research supporting mild hypothermia as a treatment for  concussions:


This device may contain one or more of the following:

  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (CAS#: 9002:86-2)

  • polyester (CAS# 113669-97-9)

  • nylon (CAS#: 9012-28-6)

  • polyethelene(LDPE) (CAS#: 6484-52-2)

  • water (CAS#: 7732-18-4)